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Principles / Executive coaching / Business coaching / Team coaching 


Ethics / reliability / professional experiences / tailor made tools



We are convinced that our clients hold the key to the solution. We believe and trust our partners, thats why we focus to find an answer for the question of how. 

We know that small changes can make powerful effects, just as a drop of dew formed in standing water causes the wave ride.






The solution resides on you!

Executive coaching

Increasing organizational effectiveness / Inspiration / Strategy and goals / Change management / Leadership competencies / Assertive communication / Work-private life balance / Well-Being / Flow



Todays world economy sets new challenges for the leaders, call for more performance with less resources. Yet the executives' situation is always hard because they meet enormous expectations and responsibilities, more often facing the dilemmas alone. Due to the pressure of time, they tend to choose flexible solutions. Therefore solution-focused executive coaching is the most important for them.


The process of executive coaching is the tool to increase the efficiency of the top management. As such, it has a favorable effect on the functioning of the whole organization too. After finishing the coaching process, our experts are prepared to support the synergic effects with a strategy forming and changing process.


When talking about the processes of coaching  – life, business, mentoring, etc. – that is executive coaching in where EXECO Partner Ltd is at its best because of our relevant management experiences. Executive coaching a co-operation where  members of the top management become our partners.


Our Community offers you an executive coach service that works with a solution-oriented mentality and provides well-tried set of tools which have been successfully used internationally.  These features facilitate a cooperation process that suits the clients’ goals both in time and depth.



"Be the change that you wish to see in the World!"

Mahatma Gandhi

Business coaching

First 90 days in management role / Inspiration / Delegation-motivation / Assertive communication / Balance work-private life / Effectiveness / Conflict management / Well-Being / Flow



Personal business leading, pragmatic and supportive relationship. According to our faith and experience coaching focus on the potential possibilities of the future, gives a sense of achivement for the managers by raise awareness of his/her job and role.

""It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are."

Roy Disney

Team coaching 

Team dynamics / optimize-relationships / organization-parts harmonizing / engagement / team - motivation

The team coaching methods, practices more pleasant and efficient than traditional team building. The methods we use based on the organization's strengths, competencies, past successes, made the participant available find solutions for more coordinated cooperations. 


The team building is so common nowadays often stops at pleasant of current programs. Team coaching has stronger and longer effects, offers solutions for the organization, :


  • who are facing significant changes,

  • who are going through a period of tension inside or

  • who would like to further develop their cooperation with another department,

  • who would like to keep longer the positive effects of the started changes during every day life...


The aim of the solution-focused team coaching is to make the best of these possibilities for the purpose of continued development of the team.

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"All change starts with a plan. Its succes depends the depth of engagement, passion for goal, acceptance of the new direction....."

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