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Organizational Development / Change Management / Strategy,- and management consultancy

Organizational Development


During the organizational development as planned, covering the whole “body” is changed to a more efficient and viable solution.

The result of a collaboration of committed leaders increases business efficiency, organizational culture is changing in a positive direction, as well as staff engagement and satisfaction.







Change Management



Companies must constantly adapt to environmental changes. The speed of the reaction as an answer for changes, ease of adaptation of all colleagues aims to thereby keep the company competitive. We help companies in organizational transformation: the culture of the team, internal processes, or even business process review as well.



Strategy,- and management consultancy


All of our experts have longer than 10 years top management experiences. Areas we are familier with: general management, fianancial and business controling, planning-budgeting, product development, lean management, services-sales management, production, regulation, IT and EIS systems development etc.


As a member of BS Investment Group, we can boast 19 experts in the field of venture capital investment, corporate re-organization, assessment of property, evaluation, book keeping and management advising.



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