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Execo Partner

We believe that our activity has an effect on forming the future.

Since 2010, Execo Partner has been continuously developing its management coaching methodology and tool kits to provide professional coaching for executives, who are facing ever-changing environmental challenges.


Customized coaching is a management tool which helps emphasis be placed where it belongs and thus to regain balance.


In every case, cooperation time suits corporate and executive needs as it is pre-set for each individual.


Before initializing the coaching process, the most important task is to clarify the common goals and stabilize the trust between the executive the coach and the corporation.


Coaching is a supportive relationship between the organization or a manager and a pforessional coach. This relationship is to improve the efficiency of the individual and the productivity of the company too.


These features facilitate a cooperation process that suits the clients’ goals both in time and depth. Our coaching methodology is solution and strategy based, we use coaching tools based on  international standards.



                       The solution resides on you!




Our aim is to offer a high quality, exclusive services that provides our clients executive coaches, who


  • work by the ethical and professional standards of ICF (International Coach Federation)

  • are adequately trained

  • have executive experiences of many years

  • accomplish our quality assurance system


How do we work?

"Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”



we are proud of:
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