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dr. Csilla M., MKB, SME leader:


I am one of those lucky ones who could participate in the EXECO I. Leadership Forum. Its made me sure that the expert EXECO not just talk about how they imagine their activities in the field of executive coaching, but also proved their worth in front of our eyes! It was an experience that was almost cathartic for me, because I could have an insight in a more intimate environment. And it was not theater! Here the actors themselves did not make a show which seems that it is a unique moment, although this catharsis is repeated night after night! No. It was not a "cast routine" work, but it was an unrepeatable "production" of experts, we have seen, unique and unrepeatable moments of a real coaching process! THANK YOU !

ICF:"I Care For" 2012. award


For Malev managers were organized a large-scale career / outplacement - coaching project by the International Coach Federation Hungarian Chapter. In recognition of the social responsibility " I care for" Award bestowed by  the ICF. 

In this project dr. Györgyi Mátyók, the executive of  EXECO took part, with nearly five -month volunteer coaching process.


Edina N., Sales Manager:


\"well structured training program, with professional trainers, in a very good mood\"

(EXECO up-sell training)


Bart Van Loon, Netherlands, Impuls Co.


SOLWORLD EXECO Workshop:        Inspirational, Creative, Keep going! :-)

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