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Win-win situation


The secret of your success is happiness. If you feel good, individual performance and team effectiveness will be outstanding. 

Our balance and well-being have a great effect on our organisation’ achievement, because:


  • we try to achieve the greatest happiness with our decisions,

  • we identify our personal strengths and use them to be more satisfied,

  • by knowing the inner driving power made us free to choose

  • if we increase “flourishing” it’s greatly improve the efficiency of the organization and relationships,

  • those people who think that the difficulties are temporary, altered or local in nature, be made difficult helpless.


Research shows (Univ. Phensilvania, USA): “.... happier managers are more productive and have higher income”. 

Experience these all in practice and sign in our "La dolce vita" program!







informal, free of charge

Coaching consultation

to know each – other and discover your actual challenge. Contact us!



Are you interested in how instead of why? During our coaching process, we are focusing finding solutions based on your personal strenghts. We do not solve problems instead of you, we help you to find the way how to reach your goals and discover you own way.

A tailor-made executive coaching supports and helps you to outcrop the best of you, and to find again dinamism, harmony and balance in your life.


The result of the coaching process be measured, which is the result of our joint-work, increase your efficiency and the power of the organization.

is a search solutions practice.”


„The solution does not care where the problem came from.”

W. Herren

Joy of solution

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why the emerald?

The stone of rejuvenation



It can be raw, polished, brilliant or glorious, thousand kinds of shapes, they all form the same stone,


perhaps you also recognized yourself!


Thank you for being here, and you're curious about us. We are interested in you too.

Please contact us, we would like to keep in touch with you.

We are professionals in active listening, in sympathetic attention with management experiences in coaching process, help you to find possibilities in your actual challenge   – on the way back to your own brilliant perfection.

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