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DR. Zsuzsanna Diószegi


I gained my diploms on Semmelweis Medical University as pharmacist and later on Budapest Technical and Economical University Management Faculty as economist.


Based on long term leadership experiencies I have decided to learn more about the  human aspects of leading people. I had many cases when I was facing difficult situations, challenging periods when a full transformation was needed in order to survive and how the leaders can impact on the people’s mindset change.



A strategic thinker has to consider the best resource to improve the business is the PEOPLE. Any development, performance improvement can be imagined if people are engaged and enthusiastic to change the „status quo”. So the first step always to get the buy in from people and after that we can build on their knowledge and power.


I was in a furtune situation all along my carrier because I could try myself in many level leader position within Pharma industry and I became a coach type leader who are interested in not only the financial results but also the human behind.

My preferred expert area are the executive and business individual coaching,  organisational development consultancy, change management and vision building.

My goal is to support  constructive and positive projects or missions which generates value, business excellence, improve human performance and LEAN mindset and behaviour development while we build strong empowered teams.


Dr. Györgyi Mátyók

executive coach, economist, advisor of strategie


I made my Economist and Doctor’s Degree at Budapest Corvinus University. As a top manager, I worked for financial and capital markets, my experiences’ main fields are: strategie, market- and product development,  process ,- organization development. 



I’ve been in coaching services since 2010, lead medium and top managers. I made my qualification at KPMG Executive Coach and Mentor Academy.

For me, coaching is a bridge between the present and a fulfilling future.  

Magical instruments that by the success of our actions and cooperation leads dinamism for the organization, for the leader and for me too.

„No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it!”.



”Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose - and commit myself to - what is best for me.”

Paulo Coelho



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